Yesterday we kicked out our first proper episode of Shot Of Jaq and I am chuffed to bits with the response. Right now it stands at 42 comments, and I am sure this will continue to grow.

The whole idea behind Shot Of Jaq is that our 10 minute shot acts as the start of a conversation, and then the conversation continues on shotofjaq.org. With Shot Of Jaq being something of an experiment, I am tickled pink that our first shot has generated so much interesting discussion. I am also excited that we are seeing the beginnings of the Shot Of Jaq community forming, and we have some awesome community members already knee deep in the Shot Of Jaq spirit. Thanks so much to you all for throwing both feet in and getting involved. If you have not yet joined the conversation, go here and join us!

In the interests of making sure the Shot Of Jaq (and Severed Fifth) sound quality is top notch, yesterday we got up at 4am and went shopping on Black Friday. There I bought a new studio computer (Quad Core Athlon 2, 8GB RAM, 640GB disk, 20″ screen), new control surface (Tascam FW-1082), bought Aq a Shure X2U XLR to USB for his side of the recording (I will give him one of our Sennheiser mics) and I have some other bits on my list to upgrade.

The next episode of Shot Of Jaq will be out on Tuesday. Looking forward to it!

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