Recently I have been writing a lot about Lernid, an application that makes online learning events more fun and more accessible, and at the heart of what has enabled me to write Lernid is Quickly; a framework for scratching itches. Quickly has enabled me to re-connect with my coding mojo, and deliver the fruits of my labor to others.

As such, Quickly and I are friends. Good friends.

What excites me most about Quickly is how it helps opportunistic programmers to be productive and feel accomplished in their work. This in turn leads to huge opportunities around diversity in the application space. My excitement is not just about Quickly as software, but an ethos that is at the heart of Open Source.

To explain more about this, my friends at ZDNet published an article I have just written called Unchaining the opportunistic programmer. Go and check it out. 🙂

For extra bonus Quickly content, check out our Shot Of Jaq shot too.

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