Some time back I was asked on to FLOSSWeekly to do an interview about Ubuntu, Community, and Severed Fifth. The interview was fun and seemed to go well, so much so that they asked me to join them as a co-presenter on the show. I then joined the show on a mostly weekly basis, providing more of a Linux perspective and what I hoped were some fairly to-the-point questions for our guests. 🙂

Well, things are changing a little in the show and it is moving to a different timeslot which will be in my morning, and my mornings are full to the brim with conference calls most weeks. As such, unfortunately I will be saying my goodbyes to FLOSSWeekly.

I just want to say a huge thank-you to Randal, Leo, Dane, Colleen, all of our guests, and all of the wonderful listeners who have been so supportive and welcoming of me to the show. It has been a blast and I wish Randal and his new co-host the best with FLOSSWeekly!

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