As many of you will know, I manage the Ubuntu Community Team at Canonical, which has horsemen Holbach, Castro and Planella in it. A large chunk of my job is to take into account the wide range of needs from our different stakeholders (community teams, Canonical teams, upstreams etc) and to flesh out a strategy for my team for each cycle. To do this I gather input and feedback from the team and these stakeholders and put together strategy that will guide the team’s work through the cycle. Today I want to share this strategy with you all.

Most components in this strategy includes a blueprint which itself includes a set of actions that outlines the goals for Maverick. The benefit of this approach is that you can subscribe to blueprints you are interested in and keep track of those projects as we work through them. If there are elements of these blueprints that you would like to contribute to and get involved with, do let us know. 🙂

So, on with the blueprints. Please note: each of these blueprints is targeted for the Maverick cycle only and these are the blueprints that my team specifically is working on with assistance from the community – other Canonical teams are of course working on their own sets of blueprints. Also, this does not include all community blueprints: there are many blueprints that are not part of my teams expected deliverables.


Socialize Indicator Application Menu with upstreams

Continue work with upstreams on adopting application indicator technology

Daily Builds

Document the daily builds infrastructure and workflow

Advocate, promote and enthuse the use of daily builds for a range of tasks

Developer Growth

Improve Harvest usability

Improve Harvest speed

Find opportunities for reducing the complexity of the workflow as a developer

Create a graphic high-level overview of common development process

Create initiative around Packaging Documentation and update the docs

Patch Review

Patch Review Process Review

Patch Review Initiative


Launchpad upstream bug workflow improvements

Launchpad upstream patch visibiity improvements

Evangelize daily builds to upstreams

Continued upstream contacts growth

Organize Canonical presence at upstream events

Best Practice

Document and consolidate core community processes


Improve Translations Packaging for Help in Ubuntu Applications

Translations Community Advocacy

Translations Community Learning Content

Translations Community Events

Extend the translations status reporting

Healthcheck for core translation teams

Launchpad Translations Reporting API

Developer education on localization

Software Delivery

Process for post-release updates

Infrastructure Improvements

LoCo Directory – Improved Events Handling

Regular Cycle Activities

Tuition Week plans (Open Week, App Dev Week, Dev Week)

Ubuntu Global Jam

Release Parties

Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase

Maverick Governance Changes

As you can see, we have quite a bit to keep us occupied in this cycle. 🙂 If you want to watch the sausage being made, subscribe to the blueprints you are interested in, track out burndown chart, and do join us in #ubuntu-community-team on Freenode where we work together.

We look forward to seeing you there! Horsemen…roll out!

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