A little while back I blogged about the work planned for Natty in the community team. I just wanted to provide a quick status update to summarize progress so far in the cycle.

I am pleased to report that the work agreed for delivery in the 11.04 cycle is going well, as can be seen in the burndown chart:

To read this: the goal is for us to keep the red under the trend line (the thick black line) – this ensures that we are on track in delivering the agreed items by the end of the cycle.

I just wanted to highlight some of the work that has been going on:

  • The cloud community growth is going well. Ahmed Kamal has been blogging up a storm, our new cloud portal will be deployed soon (it is currently waiting on IS), there has been great growth across our Facebook, Twitter, and identi.ca resources, there are now weekly Ubuntu Cloud meetings every Wednesday, and Ahmed is starting a series of screencasts, but he needs your help!
  • Developer outreach is a key focus in this cycle. Daniel has started his regular series of videocasts and you can see details and a link to a recording of his first one here. We are also seeing excellent growth on our Facebook, Twitter, and identi.ca resources, and work is going on to get a series of tutorial articles prepared so it is even easier to get involved. We have also seen consistant growth in new contributors since 2008, and that growth continues to be consistant. Finally, we have done some work recently to identify those contributors who are providing significant and sustained contributions, and I have asked Daniel to each out to them as part of my goals to make Ubuntu more personal.
  • Horseman Planella and his wonderful traveling translations roadshow has been making great progress on the translations portal, getting the language packs schedule in place, and growth on our Facebook, Twitter, and identi.ca resources. David is also planning to host some ustream videocasts too: more details soon!
  • In this cycle we are determined to get the Ubuntu Sponsorship Queue fixed up, and I blogged recently about the new Patch Pilot scheme. I am delighted to report that the first week of the new programme has already seen fantastic improvements in the queue, and Daniel summarized this progress. This work will continue to ensure that new contributors can get the help and mentoring they need to become Ubuntu contributors quickly and easily.
  • Progress on getting Unity in Natty by default has made excellent strides. The daily live images now have Unity switched on by default thanks to the excellent work of didrocks and seb128. We are supporting this work throughout this cycle with a bitesize bugs campaign, and this will be launched when we release Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha 1 on Thursday.
  • I have been having some regular calls with the awesome Ubuntu Accessibility Team and they are making fantastic progress in harnessing the community arounding testing and bug triage, with a particular focus on getting Unity accessible and supporting Luke’s work as he builds this support into the codebase. If you are passionate about Accessibility and want to ensure that Unity has the best possible accessibility experience, check out the getting started page!
  • I also have regular calls with Laura from the LoCo Council and awesome work is going on there in helping to unblock some LoCo Team issues, helping approved LoCo teams to get their banners for shows, and getting ready to make the Ubuntu Global Jam in this cycle rock.

Of course, there has been lots of other fantastic work going on across the team and the community, but I think these summarize some of the key points. Let’s make this cycle rock!

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