For those of you who are interested in Ubuntu, you may be familiar with LoCo Teams. These are Ubuntu user groups based all over the world that advocate Ubuntu, help people with their Ubuntu questions and more. The LoCo community is a fundamental part of the Ubuntu family and they do incredible work.

If you want to find a team in your area, see the LoCo Directory and if a team does not exist create one!. You can also keep up to date with things going on in the community with the #locoteams hashtag and on the Facebook page.

Yesterday I had a call with Laura from the LoCo Council and we talked through much of the fantastic work going on in the community and also some of the blockers. Laura then mentioned something that I wanted to tend to with a blog post. She basically said:

Some people seem to think that a LoCo Team talking to the LoCo Council
is a sign of weakness. We want to change that perception.

I agree with Laura that this is a perception which is unhealthy. I just wanted to share a few words why.

I see the LoCo Council as fulfilling two primary roles in our community:

  • Optimizing teams for success – the LoCo Council is there to help teams be the most productive, fun, and enjoyable that they can be. The LoCo Council is a resource for providing advice, guidance, helping teams to know what resources and opportunities are available, and more.
  • Helping teams with barriers to success – all teams face challenges, and the LoCo Council is there to help teams and their leaders scale these challenges and to ensure the team continues to be as successful as possible.

Both of these roles are fundamentally based around helping teams to be successful. As such, liaising with the LoCo Council is not evidence of failure, it is instead evidence of a desire to make the team the best it can be – it is evidence of responsibility for your team and the community. I see those who use the LoCo Council for help as really awesome contributors who care about their teams. Rock and roll to those people!

I would like to ask all of you who hear this misplaced perception that talking to the LoCo Council is a sign of weakness, to remind folks that taking to the LoCo Council is a good thing and not a bad thing. Thanks!

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