This is a guest post from Jorge Castro.

As I mentioned last week we’ve started a campaign for helping people get started on fixing bitesize bugs in Unity. Jono blogged about this as well. As it turns up, we’ve got our first bitesize contributor today!

Jamal Fanaian has fixed Bug #683241: Recycle bin icon is empty when there are items in the bin. Jamal is a developer working on Flickr. He passes along “I love Ubuntu and open source software, so my only real hobby has become working on open soruce. Other than that, I like playing with hardware, although recently I have found less time to do so.”

Basically the trash icon showed up empty even if you had stuff in it. Jamal first grabbed the code, then fixed the bug, and then pushed it to launchpad.

Photo by brittav.

From there he submitted it for review in Launchpad. In this specific example Alex Launi has started the review process. Now we’re cooking. So, how can you get started? First let’s have a look at the list and look at the progress people have made this week.

New bitesize bugs this week (they might be older bugs but new to bitesize):

  • Bug 686591 – unity-panel-service should be autorestarted by unity when crashing – A fix for this one would be most welcome, as it’s annoying!
  • Bug 677594 – Workspace switcher useless with one workspace
  • – Armor Nick seems to be doing the initial investigation here.
  • Bug 686182 – Unity launchers run multiple copies of program if clicked multiple times before the program loads
  • Bug 599716 – having an unity binary would be nice

Getting Involved: Instructions for getting started are available here 

For more information check out the wiki page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity/Bitesize

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