Back in May I blogged about some plans that we were putting together for the LoCo Team Portal to make the site more dynamic and more of a hub of information and visibility on the great work going on in the LoCo community. My thesis was that community members really cherish the kudos and support of the wider community when it comes to their accomplishments; unfortunately, we didn’t really have a good place to provide a rolling list of accomplishments and work going on the LoCo community.

As such I organized a regular call with Michael Hall, Chris Johnson, Nigel Babu, Laura Czajkowski, Ronnie, daker, and Randall Ross to discuss the idea of making the LoCo Team Portal more tabworthy. What I mean by this is making it a site that I always want to have open in a tab because it provides a regular stream of interesting content. To do this we discuss building in blogging support into the LoCo Team Portal to provide this firehose of content.

I am delighted to see that the first iteration of this work has landed and you can see it here.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the development of this work; this was a true community project, driven, implemented and delivered by a team of web programming legends. Thanks also to Matthias from Canonical IS for deploying it ready for the Ubuntu Global Jam!

Adding Your Feed

Adding a feed is simple. To have your feed on the site you must be an approved team and have a feed that only talks about LoCo content (a category RSS feed is good for this.

To add your feed just go to this wiki page and follow the instructions. Someone will review the feed and add it if it is felt appropriate.

Be sure to get your feed requests in!

Future Improvements

This work has already made the LoCo Team Portal more valuable but there are a few key improvements that I think can continue to make the site more tabbable and bring more value to the LoCo Team Portal and the wider community:

Thanks again to the wonderful work of Michael Hall, Chris Johnson, Nigel Babu, Ronnie, and daker for making this vision happen, and I look forward to it’s continued evolution!

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