Back from a wonderful few weeks vacation in Italy and I am catching up with Ubuntu Accomplishments. Today I merged in various contributions and things are looking in great shape.

An important change that I merged in was support to run the Ubuntu Accomplishments back-end service as a twistd daemon service (thanks to Duncan McGreggor!). This was important to get the codebase into a form in which we can start packaging it so people can play with it.

I wanted to reach out to our community to see if anyone is able to help with the packaging. To get started I would preferably like to be able to generate some daily packages in a PPA so folks can test it as development continues. This will help us get more eyeballs on the project to find bugs and get it ready for it’s first release.

Some notes for those of you who can (very generously) contribute your time:

  • The code is available in lp:ubuntu-accomplishments-system and installation instructions are available here.
  • The backend is a twistd daemon that would need to be started preferably when the user starts their desktop session.
  • With the backend running, the user can then run the included GUI client (or another client such as the Unity lens that David Callé is working on). I have a .desktop file included in the archive and the current app icon is in data/media/trophyinfo.svg (although I need a better, squarer icon).
  • We will also need the Ubuntu Accomplishments collection packaged that the system uses. This is available in lp:ubuntu-community-accomplishments. Right now this is installed to ~/accomplishments/ by running install.sh in that branch. Guidance on where to install these accomplishments is welcome and I can then adjust the system to read that location where appropriate (this will be simple as the main Ubuntu Accomplishments system looks at ~/.config/accomplishments/.accomplishments to look where to find the accomplishments files).

If anyone is able to help, you can get in touch with me at jono At ubuntu DOT com, or simply reply in the comments. Also, feel free to join the project mailing list. Thanks!

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