As we pull into the final stretch of the Ubuntu 12.04 release cycle all hands are on deck to ensure the quality of 12.04 is perfect. Fortunately this is something that everyone can help with to help us find bugs before we release.

We need to ensure we get total coverage of our different ISO images; the different images that you can download and install from. Each of these images has a small set of mandatory tests that we need to run through to ensure everything is working. We want to ensure all of these mandatory tests are run so that we can find any problems before the release and get them fixed.

We are looking for volunteers who can help with this important work. This would just involve downloading an image, running a few tests and reporting the results. This is really important work and any help will really help the quality of Ubuntu 12.04.

To get invovled, read Nick’s blog entry and email him to volunteer. Thanks so much for helping, and do spread the word to get your friends to help too!

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