Applications, delivering awesome apps to our users, and making it easy for developers to create and deliver their apps, is going to be critical to success of Ubuntu. Fortunately there is a lot of work going on in this area, more of which I will elaborate on later this week.

Part of this work is going to be making it easy for Ubuntu users to be able to download software. The Ubuntu Software Center is our primary mechanism for this, but we also know that users browse application and upstream websites and will often look at their Download pages to find an Ubuntu download.

Ideally we want any user who looks at a Download page on an application website to see this:

The user can then click this button and view more details, and ratings and reviews of the app in Ubuntu, and install it with just a click.

We Need Your Help!

Right now, many application websites don’t have these buttons on their Download pages. As such, I asked Michael Hall to generate a list of the most popular 100 applications in the Ubuntu Software Center, and generate the HTML.

To help with this, just do the following:

  • Go to the campaign wiki page (you will need to scroll the right to see everything as the page is quite wide)
  • Pick an application.
  • Find the application’s website (you might need to Google this) and see if the button is on their download page.
  • Now find the contact details for the app. This could be a mailing list, a specific person, a general email address etc. Again, you might need to do a little Googling to find the details.
  • Email the contact the HTML snippet for your app from the wiki page and ask them if they could include it on the Download page.
  • Add your name to the wiki page. to indicate that you reached out to them.
  • If you notice that they add it, add a link to the wiki page to the app’s Download page with the button!

If the developer asks why they should do it, emphasize that this will make it easier for Ubuntu users of their app to install it with just a click.

If we can divide and conquer we can spread the buttons further afield and continue to make it easy for people to install their favorate apps in in Ubuntu! Thanks for your help!

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