This week the Ubuntu Developer Summit is taking place in Copenhagen from Monday – Thursday. This is the event where we plan the features and goals for the next release of Ubuntu, Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail.

Unfortunately I won’t be there in person this week in person as my wife, Erica, and I are expecting a stork to fly into our house and deliver a baby (at least that’s how I understand how it works), so I am at home in California on stork duty. I am not going to deny that although being here is absolutely the right thing to do, I am pretty bummed that I can’t be there in Copenhagen with our community.

Some of you may not be able to attend in person too, but fortunately you can still participate in every session at UDS by joining in remotely.

How do I Remotely Participate?

You can find all the details of how to remotely participate right here, but in a nutshell you can view the schedule here (obviously all times are in local European time) to see the list of sessions and which rooms they are in and then hear the session audio feed from the appropriate room. You can communicate with the room by connecting to the Freenode IRC network and then joining one of the following rooms that corrospond to the session you are in:

  • #ubuntu-uds-b3-m1
  • #ubuntu-uds-b3-m10
  • #ubuntu-uds-b3-m2
  • #ubuntu-uds-b3-m3
  • #ubuntu-uds-b3-m4
  • #ubuntu-uds-b3-m5
  • #ubuntu-uds-b3-m6
  • #ubuntu-uds-b3-m7
  • #ubuntu-uds-b3-m8
  • #ubuntu-uds-b4-m5
  • #ubuntu-uds-b4-m6
  • #ubuntu-uds-b4-m7

If you connect to a room and can’t hear people loudly enough, don’t hesitate in asking the room to speak up or certain speakers to sit closer to the microphone.

How do I Watch the Plenaries?

Every day there are a series of plenaries; these are short presentations that are presented to the full UDS audience. Apart from the keynote plenary on Monday at 9pm, the main plenaries take place every day at 2pm and then a final set of track summaries is presented in the last hour of UDS on Thursday at 5pm.

You can watch the plenaries every day by viewing the live video feed.

This is the schedule of plenaries:


  • 9.00am – Jono Bacon – Introduction to UDS
  • 9.10am – Mark Shuttleworth – Keynote

  • 2.00pm – Ivo Weevers – Design and Community

  • 2.15pm – Drew Bliss – Valve
  • 2.30pm – David Planella – Ubuntu and App Developers
  • 2.45pm – Nick Skaggs – Growing The Ubuntu QA Community


  • 2.00pm – Chris Kenyon – VP of Sales and Business Development
  • 2.30pm – HP


  • 2.00pm – Flavors Roundtable
  • 2.30pm – Evan Dandrea and Matthew Paul Thomas – Reliability and Ubuntu


  • 2.00pm – Lightning talks (an hour of short, topical talks covering a range of areas).
  • 5.00pm – Track Summaries – each of the track leads will summarize the key decisions and findings from their tracks. This provides a great summary of the topics discussed at UDS throughout the week.

I hope you all have a wonderful and productive week at UDS, and I hope many of you can join in remotely too!

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