My parents came out to visit this week and I took a week off work to spend with them. We had not seen them for 18 months in person (pregnancy and babies make travel to England rather challenging), but we Skype video-chat pretty regularly. It was the first time they were meeting Jack and they absolutely fell in love with him. The feeling was definitely mutual on the baby side of the bargain.

It was a fantastic week. We took a weekend trip to Tahoe, had an evening with Erica’s dad and her brother and his girlfriend, another evening with Erica’s mum and step-dad, and of course, plenty of time with them with Erica, Jack and I.

They left to go back home today.

This afternoon I have felt rather empty; I miss them both.

I am tremendously thankful for my life, and thankful every day for my beautiful wife and baby, and my wonderful British, American, and Italian families. I knew I would feel this way when they left, but an awesome week with my family was well worth it for a shitty few days missing them.

Sometimes the empty moments just make you realize how full your life really is.

Mum and dad, I love you both, and can’t wait to see you in September. 🙂

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