I have talked in the past about how critical I feel app developers are to the Ubuntu convergence story. If developers can go from idea to implementation to publishing quickly and easily, it will make the overall Ubuntu platform more attractive and featureful for users, partners, OEMs, carriers and more.

As such, we are working hard to make Ubuntu a platform where you can match your creativity with the tools you need to deliver your creative vision to others. This has included a powerful SDK, a simple and effective app upload process, a new version of developer.ubuntu.com that will be landing next week, and more.

Now we are finalizing much of the core infrastructure (SDK, docs, knowledge, support, publishing) I really want to focus more and more on widening the awareness of Ubuntu as a powerful and fun developer platform.

There are all kinds of things we can do – video tutorials, training weeks, local tutorial schools, app contests, and more, and we are really keen to hear your ideas and look for those who want to help spread the word about Ubuntu as a powerful converged developer platform.

How Do I Help?

If you are interested in helping, we are looking for ideas on this pad; you will need to be a member of this team to edit, so be sure to join that team first. Feel free to braindump your ideas for ways in which we can get out to more developers and help them realize their creative ideas. The more ideas the better!

Then, on Tuesday 24th Sep at 3pm UTC, we will be running a live Google+ Hangout meeting on Ubuntu On Air to review the ideas and start making plans. If you add an idea to the pad it would be awesome if you could join the session too.

I would love to encourage you all to join and help build the developer platform of the future across phones, desktops, tablets, and more!

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