Struggling to use content to effectively engage with your audience?

Join the one hour session and discover a practical method for creating a consistent, high quality flow of content your audience will love.

Includes: free templates, downloadable guides, best practice, and prizes.

Wed 21st Oct 2020 


 Developer, Advocate!

2019 – Packt – Geertjan Wielenga – Contributed Interview

The Business Value Of Developer Relations

2018 – Apress – Mary Thengvall – Contributed Foreword

Open Organization Guide to Culture Change

 2017 – – Contributed Article

Ubuntu Up and Running

2010 – O’Reilly – Robin Nixon – Contributed Foreword

The Official Ubuntu Book

2008 – 2012 – Prentice Hall – Co-Authored with Multiple Authors

Linux Desktop Hacks

2005 – O’Reilly – Nicolas Petreley and Jono Bacon

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