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‘People Powered’ and ‘The Art of Community’ feature contributor content. Here is a broader, expanded, more diverse range of additional interviews and features.

Sample Big Rocks

In ‘People Powered’ we focus on a concrete set of ‘Big Rocks’, which are broader goals for your community. Let’s look at some examples.

Sample Content Ideas

Content is a powerful tool for raising awareness of your community, the value it brings, and how to get involved. Here is a bowl of food for thought.

Mission Statements and Value Propositions

Starting with a clear mission and the value you want to build (for you and your members) is critical. Here are some more examples as food for thought.

Sample Audience Personas

Knowing your audience, their needs, how to find them, and what motiviates and inspires them, is critical to the success of your community.

Sample Role Descriptions

Need to hire different staff members to help shape your community strategy? Here are some sample job descriptions you can tune to your needs.


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