Leader in Community Management/Strategy

Previously Director of Community at Canonical, GitHub, XPRIZE, and OpenAdvantage. Advisor to organizations including AlienVault, Open Networking Foundation, data.world, Moltin, Open Cloud Consortium, Mycroft, and others.

Wrote the critically acclaimed The Art of Community, founder of the Community Leadership Summit and Open Collaboration Conference events, and a prominent leader in community leadership, strategy, and execution featured on CNN, Fortune, Forbes, and elsewhere.



Author of five books. Columnist for Forbes and opensource.com. Author for publications including FortuneThe O’Reilly Network, Linux Format, PC Plus, Linux User and Developer** and others.



Founder of Jono Bacon Consulting that provides community strategy, management, and workflow consultancy for Fortune 500 companies, startups, and government across the globe.

Clients include Deutsche Bank, HackerOne, Santander, Intel, Mattermost, Sony Mobile, AlienVault, Mozilla, The Executive Center, Microsoft, data.world, GitLab, SignifAI, Creative Commons, Scality, lifeID, and others.



Keynote speaker and panelist speaking on topics that relate to community strategy, management, and execution, internal communities, developer workflow and relations, behavioral economics, and other topics.

Keynotes include OSCON,.SE Internet Days, Open Source Summits, MySQL Conference, Interop, Open Networking Summit, linux.conf.au, SCALE, and others.

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“Jono is a master of getting people of widely different backgrounds to work well together. He knows the deep meaning of the word “community”. He combines strategy, execution, and good taste. We are privileged at HackerOne to get his help in expanding and strengthening our community of white hat hackers all over the world.” Mårten Mickos

Chief Executive Officer, HackerOne

“Jono brings a deep understanding of the word ‘community’ to his leadership role with the Community Leadership Summit at OSCON. He combines strategic insight and practical tools for forming a healthy community, with an enthusiastic support for diverse forms of leadership. Jono is a compelling resource for community builders large and small.” Gina Blaber

Sr. VP, Conferences, O'Reilly Media

“Jono has helped Mattermost immensely in bringing open source, enterprise-grade communication to our community and customers. His advice is insightful, practical and high impact. We’re delighted to work with him.” Ian Tien

Chief Executive Officer, Mattermost

“Jono Bacon is the proven leader in building productive and engaged communities. His experience and ability to work in a truly cross functional capacity is hugely valuable. He is strongly recommended to any company who wants to build a vibrant community”. Jim Zemlin

Executive Director, Linux Foundation

“I’ve worked with Jono for many years, on many projects, and in many roles. Put plainly, Jono is better at his job than anyone I know. He literally wrote the book on the community management. He is always highly organized, has a talent for organizing others, and can help any organization quickly respond to problems or seize opportunities.” Rick Spencer

VP, Engineering, Bitnami

“The practical and values-based approach that Jono brought to his book, *The Art of Community*, and his consulting are incredibly rare and valuable. I appreciated his humility, his willingness to change course to meet our needs, and his deep commitment to open practices and approaches to build stronger communities.” Ryan Merkley

Chief Executive Officer, Creative Commons

“Jono’s insight and mastery of the community blueprint provides all the tools needed to lay the proper foundation. However his real craft is using the tools across a number of challenges and scenarios that allows him to efficiently deliver the right strategies and guide the path to community success.” Chris Olson

Director of Communities and Advocacy, Microsoft Corporation

“Jono is the worldwide expert in community interaction. He knows how to engage a community, train people, and organize events. We’re very happy to have him advising us.” Sytse 'Sid' Sijbrandij

Chief Executive Officer, GitLab

“If you are looking to build an authentic, passionate community, Jono Bacon is your guy. He has the experience, both strategic and in execution, to build communities that don’t just make sense on paper, but in real life too.” Guru Parulkar

Executive Director, Stanford Platform Lab

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Internal and External Community Strategy and Management

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