This set of resources is referred to in ‘People Powered: How communities can supercharge your business, brand, and teams


In Chapter 3 of People Powered, I walk through how to put together a set of Big Rocks, which are core goals for your overall community strategy. Here are some further examples. Want to see something specific as an example? Drop me an email.

Optimize Community Onboarding Experience

To review the existing community onboarding experience for developers who want to build an application and perform a series of refinements to optimize the overall experience. These optimizations will span from discovery of the platform through to the publication of an application.

Key Initiatives

  • Perform a full review of the current developer on-ramp.
  • Perform a target set of optimizations:
    • Value prop for new devs (i.e why they should use our platform?)
    • Toolchain setup and installation.
    • Getting started guide (and sample project forking.)
    • Reference documentation and API reference.
    • Support (and integration with Discourse.)
  • Instrumentation of metrics to track progress on the on-ramp.
  • User testing with at least 6 new developers and refinement.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Developer onboarding:
    • Step 1 month to month growth – 5%
    • Average month to month on-ramp completion – 70%+
  • Quarterly app publication:
    • 10% month to month growth



Deliver Community Communication Channels

To provide a central primary location for the broader community to get support, brainstorm and develop new features, share projects, provide input to the project and more. All of this is designed to (a) increase the utility of the community, (b) build closer relationships, and (c) build community growth. This primary location will be Discourse.

Key Initiatives

  • Deliver Discourse configuration:
    • Core site structure, target categories, and layout.
    • Integrate into broader community identity (header, look and feel, CSS)
    • Integrate key target plugins (Solved, Google Analytics.)
    • Rebrand Trust Levels.
    • Integration Code Of Conduct and FAQ.
  • Integration:
    • Streamline and integrate Discourse into the broader set of websites, social media, and other company websites.
    • Integrate (where possible) into blog and other content.
  • Moderation:
    • Build moderator program (built around Trust Levels.)

Key Performance Indicators

  • Discourse Community Performance:
    • Page Views – Generally aim for 10% growth quarter over quarter.
    • DAU/MAU – Generally aim for 30% score month to month.
    • Signups – Generally 5% growth month over month.
    • Trust Level Growth – no fixed numbers, but regularly seeing members moving up trust levels.



Deliver Content Strategy

Produce a regular drip-feed of content across blogging, social media, and our forum that (a) brings in new audience members, and (b) educates and informs our community about great work going on across the community.

Key Initiatives

  • Produce editorial calendars for blog, social, and forum. Focus on diverse content:
    • Product updates and notes.
    • Demos and features.
    • Tutorials and guides.
    • Featured community events and members.
  • Optimize social media networks (with a focus on regular stream of content, image/video integration, and overall growth.)
  • Produce a community-driven editorial campaign:
    • Identify a core set of contributors (derived from staff and key community members.)
    • Produce editorial calendar and assignments.
    • Design rewards campaign (based on content.)

Key Performance Indicators

  • Quarterly Blog Content Delivery:
    • Unique Visitors – 5% month to month growth
    • Monthly Bounce Rate – 25% – 55%
  • Quarterly Social Media Delivery:
    • Average Monthly RTs – 2% month to month growth
    • Average Monthly Likes – 2% month to month growth
    • Monthly Follower Growth – 5% month to month




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