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Content is a powerful tool, but is often time consuming, expensive, and doesn’t deliver what you want. How exactly then, do you move the needle and get better results?

Often when I work with companies they are following the tried and tested content playbook – (1) pump out lots of content, (2) promote it heavily, and (3) see what sticks.

When they get poor results it is often because they don’t focus enough on who their audience is and how to build a relationship with them.

One Hour. Live Q&A. Included Resource Pack.

I am delivering a FREE one hour webinar that provides a different playbook.

I focus instead on how to build an end-to-end content plan that covers who your audience are, how to serve them, and how to generate data that can influence your future decisions.

This isn’t one of those terrible webinars with a sprinking of basic ideas. Quite the opposite. I am going to deliver a detailed deep-dive that guides you through the whole process. Bring a notepad!

I will share the methods the professionals use:

  • Crisply define your target audiences to always create content that hits the mark.
  • Discover the power of focusing on audience pain and roadblocks and how they build demand for your content.
  • Prioritize and focus on the most valuable content platforms to lower your costs and hit your goals faster.
  • Create a regular drip-feed of content cost efficiently to grow an audience.
  • Learn how to brainstorm exciting ideas, with plenty of industry-proven examples to get you inspired.
  • Discover essential techniques for Blogging, YouTube, Podcasting, Webinars, Social Media, and more.
  • Promote your content across multiple different channels to generate views, likes, and subscribers.
  • How to reuse and reamplify content to multiple different channels to get the maximum value out of your material.

Also receive these benefits:


Live Q&A

I will answer your questions live in the session.

FREE Downloadable Content Templates

Jumpstart your content with a collection of templates.

FREE Downloadable Tips Guide

Get access to over five pages of tips, tricks, and recommendations.

FREE Additional Best Practice

Get additional practical content guidance included.


Free Book Chapters

Get two free PDF and audio chapters from my award winning book, ‘People Powered’.

What’s more, this is a no-BS zone. I will level with you on what doesn’t work, and debunk many of the “hacks” so-called marketing gurus peddle.

Please remember that spaces are limited, so be sure to register right now.