I know many of my readers here are Ubuntu fans and I wanted to let you know of something neat.

For just over a year now I have been doing a podcast with Stuart Langridge, Bryan Lunduke, and Jeremy Garcia. It is a fun, loose, but informative show about Open Source and technology. It is called Bad Voltage.

Anyway, in the show that was released today, we did an interview with Michael Hall, a community manager over at Canonical (and who used to work for me when I was there).

It is a fun and interesting interview about Ubuntu and phones, release dates, and even sets a challenge to convince Lunduke about the value of scopes on the Bad Voltage Forum.

Go and listen to or download the show here and be sure to share your thoughts on the show in the community discussion.

The show also discusses the Soylent super-food, has predictions for 2015 (one of which involves Canonical), and more!

Finally, Bad Voltage will be doing our first live performance at SCALE in Los Angeles on Fri 20th Feb 2015. We hope to see you there!

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