Bad Voltage Live in Germany: 30th Sep 2015

by | Tue 15 Sep 2015

Some of you may know that I do a podcast called [Bad Voltage]( with some friends; *Stuart Langridge, Bryan Lunduke*, and *Jeremy Garcia*.

The show covers Open Source, technology, politics, and more, and features interviews, reviews, and plenty of loose, fun, and at times argumentative discussion.

On **Wed 30th Sep 2015**, the Bad Voltage team will be doing a live show as part of the [OpenNMS Users Conference]( The show will be packed with discussion, surprises, contests, and give-aways.

The show takes place at the [University Of Applied Sciences]( in *Fulda, Germany*. The address:

> University of Applied Science Fulda,
> Leipziger Str. 123, 36037
> Fulda, Germany
> Tel: +49 661 96400

For travel details of how to get there see [this page](

Everyone is welcome to join and **you don’t have to be joining the OpenNMS Users Conference to see the live Bad Voltage show**. There will be a bunch of Ubuntu folks, SuSE folks, Linux folks, and more joining us. Also, after the show we plan on keeping the party going – it is going to be a huge amount of fun.

To watch the show, we have a small registration fee of €5. You can register [here](). While this is a nominal fee, we will also have some free beer and giveaways, so you will get your five euros worth.

So, be sure to come on join us. You can watch a fun show and meet some great people.

[REGISTER FOR THE SHOW NOW](; space is limited, so register ASAP.

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