Why You Should Go To UbuCon in Los Angeles in January

by | Fri 11 Dec 2015


The 21st – 22nd January 2016 are some important dates you need to pencil into your calendar. The reason? That is when the UbuCon Summit is happening in Pasadena, California, USA.

Many moons ago there used to be the Ubuntu Developer Summit events. They brought together Ubuntu developers, community members, Canonical employees, and partners from all over the world. They were important not just for sharing and evolving ideas and projects but also getting people together socially.

While the Ubuntu Developer Summits were switched to an online setting, it left a gaping hole for an in-person event that brings people together. This, my friends, is what the UbuCon Summit in Los Angeles is going to help provide.

Now, to be clear, this isn’t an Ubuntu Developer Summit. It is a different type of event. It is designed for a much wider demographic: users, developers, artists, educators, partners, businesspeople, and more. The goal of the event is to have fun with Ubuntu and share ideas and opportunities, and build relationships.

The goal of the event is to share some interesting and thought-provoking content. It will feature both keynote and presentation sessions, as well as an unfconference where the audience can shape the content.

It is going to be phenomenal for content. There will be talks by Mark Shuttleworth, Elizabeth K Joseph, Stuart Langridge, David Planella, Nathan Haines, Manik Taneja, John Lea, and even my little old self. The unconference will be a wonderful opportunity to delve into a diverse range of topics that relate to the real-world conditions and needs of Ubuntu users.

Importantly though, it will be the networking and social side of the event that will be the most valuable. A big contingent from Canonical will be there, many LoCo teams and members, community members from around the world and more. It is going to be a wonderful opportunity to get the Ubuntu family together and I can’t wait to be a part of it.

Finally, the UbuCon Los Angeles is front-loading the incredible SCALE14x conference. So, not only can you get out to UbuCon but you can also join what I feel is one of the greatest Linux and Open Source conferences in the world. Oh, and as a total sweetener, myself and the rest of the Bad Voltage team will be doing a live show on the second evening of the UbuCon (which is the first day of SCALE14x).

Entrance to UbuCon (and the Bad Voltage live show) is entirely free, and entrance to SCALE14x is a really inexpensive.

So, you basically have no excuses, people. Be sure to come out and join us for an incredible time at the UbuCon in Los Angeles.

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