Open Community Conference: Updates, CFP, Webinar, and Prizes

by | Fri 7 Jul 2017

A little while back I announced that I am starting a new conference called the Open Community Conference in conjunction with my friends at the Linux Foundation.

Put simply: the Open Community Conference provides a raft of presentations, panels, and BoFs with pragmatic guidance for building and engaging productive communities.

While my other event, the Community Leadership Summit provides a set of workshops for community managers to shape community strategy, the Open Community Conference presents easily consumable and applicable best practice for organizations and practitioners. It is an ideal event for those of you who want to learn pragmatic approaches for how to evolve community strategy with your products/services.

I am running the Open Community Conference in two locations this year:

The Open Community Summit is one of the major events as part of the Open Source Summit in each location.

Open Community Conference America Schedule Published

I am delighted to share that the schedule for the Open Community Conference in Los Angeles is now available here.

Some sessions I am particularly excited about include:

  • Aim to Be an Open Source Zero – Guy Martin, Autodesk
  • Building Open Source Project Infrastructures – Elizabeth K. Joseph, Mesosphere
  • Scaling Open Source – Lessons Learned at the Apache Software Foundation – Phil Steitz, Apache Software Foundation
  • So You’ve Decided You Need an Open Source Program Office – Duane O’Brien, PayPal & Nithya Ruff, Comcast
  • Why I Forked My Own Project and My Own Company – Frank Karlitschek, ownCloud
  • So You Have a Code of Conduct… Now What? – Sarah Sharp, Otter Tech
  • Bootstrapping Community – Colin Charles, Percona
  • Fora, Q&A, Mailing Lists, Chat…Oh My! – Jeremy Garcia, / Datadog
  • Open Source Licensing 101 – Jim Jagielski, Capital One Selling Open Source, * Keeping Your Soul – Jessica Rose,
  • Venture Capital Community: Applying Open Source Principles to Disrupt a Traditional Industry – Cory Bolotsky, Underscore VC

There are many more sessions as part of the schedule too, covering a diverse range of areas.

I will also be delivering a keynote and an additional session called Building Predictable Community: Strategy, Incentives, Value, and Psychology.

Webinar: 24th July at 9.30am Pacific

I will also be running a webinar on Monday 24th July 2017 at 9.30am Pacific where I will talk about the conference and answer questions about community strategy.

Also, (and as a sneak peek, it hasn’t been announced yet 😉 ), if you post questions to me on Twitter with the #AskJono hashtag about community strategy, leadership, open source, innersource, or the conference, you can win 3 free tickets to the event (including all the sessions, networking events, and more).

All of the questions will be answered on the webinar.

Go and sign up for the webinar here!

Open Community Conference Europe CFP Closes 8th July

Finally, for the Open Community Conference in Europe, the Call For Papers closes on Sat 8th July 2017 (which is tomorrow as I write this).

If you are interested in sharing your pragmatic experience and recommendations about building powerful, productive, engaged communities, go and submit your your paper here.

UPDATE: the CFP is now closed.

An invitation-only accelerator that develops industry-leading community engagement and growth via personalized training, coaching, and accountability...all tailored to your company's needs.

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