Incentives. They are a key way in which you can trigger the behavior you want to see in companies, communities, and beyond. They are also complicated to design and deliver.

Incentives come in many different forms. We are incentivized to visit the same coffee shops so we get a free coffee after we buy ten. We stick with airline programs so we get free airmiles and perks. We provide bonuses in companies for great work. 

Last week I keynoted the Open Source Summit in Prague (I was also running the new Open Community Conference there too).

While there I delivered one of the keynotes on the first day which focused on:

  • Why incentives are important and the value they bring.
  • How to measure contributions.
  • An overview of the different ingredients in an incentives.
  • Submarine vs. Stated incentives.
  • Rewards and how to use them well.

It is a short, snappy talk, weighing in at 10 minutes.

Here is a video of the talk:

Click here if you can’t see it

On a related note, you may also want to see my pieces on how you measure community health and the role of reputation in communities, both of which are closely related.

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