I am delighted to share that I have accepted an offer to join the Moltin advisory board.

Moltin provides APIs to make it easy to create highly branded eCommerce experiences that go beyond the bog-standard website. Their philosophy is that the way in which we browse and buy products and services is going to become increasingly diverse and innovative, in which people will want to purchase in different form factors, technologies, and places. They are building an API that serves this.

They are very focused on the developer experience and building an engaging community of developers who are not just using Moltin, but also helping to make Moltin itself better. They have assembled a great leadership team, have a solid technology, and I am excited to play a role here.

I first heard about Moltin via my friends at Underscore.vc. I will be helping to guide them in their developer strategy and execution. Speaking of which, they are looking to hire a talented developer lead to be based in Boston. See the role description here.

Looking forward to working with the team!

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