Today I am excited to launch my brand new podcast, Conversations With Bacon!

The idea is simple: when I think back over my career, the times I have learned the most, and had the most fun learning, has been getting into detailed, interesting discussions with interesting people from all walks of life. This exchange of ideas and experience is often fascinating, and presents new ways for me to think about my own work and projects.

My aim with Conversations With Bacon is to bring on a wide range of people to explore the ideas and experiences that have shaped their work and lives. I don’t just want to discuss what they work on, I want to get into the driving forces behind their thinking and approach. The aim of all of this is to give you an interesting discussion for you to be a fly on the wall listening to, and hopefully glean some new ideas for yourself. There will be new shows about every three weeks.

For this first show, I am thrilled to bring on Todd Lewis, who created the All Things Open conference in Raleigh in 2012. He has gone on to grow the event from 600 attendees in their first year to over 4000 attendees last year. Todd is a bit of a renaissance man when it comes to events, and in this first episode of the podcast we explore what goes into great events, how to get the right balance of content and taking care of sponsors, building an open marketplace of (often contrasting ideas), and what Todd has learned over the years as he has refined his craft.

Listen to the show below, and I would love to hear your feedback for how I can improve it, and which guests you think would be interesting to bring on. Like anything, this is a learning experience, and it will take time to get the show format and content perfected: your help will help me get there faster!

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