Are you feeling confused, stressed, or have some issues about your business/career that you need to resolve? If so, you’re in the right place. This video covers how to have an executive session with yourself so you can keep growing as a person and business.

Having an executive session with yourself is much like having a session with a coach or mentor, but you’re having the conversation with you.

Namely, that means you’re having a conversation between the two parts of you! Those parts are the emotional, possibly self-doubting part, and the “head coach,” executive part.

This executive session can help you resolve more about yourself, your insecurities, and anything that you need to work through to get closer to whatever you think success is. It’s a little change with a BIG impact!

Here’s how to have an executive session with yourself…

1: Get away to a peaceful place where you can speak to yourself (out loud!!)

2: Put your mind into “incognito mode” to form a “head coach” part of your mind that grounds you when you’re having self-doubt, confusion, and more.

3: Start the conversations with your “head coach.” (Be honest!)

4: Discuss with your head coach. Ask tough questions!

5: Find practical solutions to your issues!

Using these 5 steps you’ll be able to find new clarity and new perspectives to the problems you face in your endeavors.

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