How Developers Consume Content in 2022

by | Wed 12 Oct 2022

Developers are in high-demand for technical companies and communities, but getting developer attention is harder than ever before…

…so, a lot of companies and communities create enormous amounts of content to attract developers…but a lot of it doesn’t get any traction.


So, how do you figure out how to create content that developers will love?

Well, we start with data.

I reached out to my pals at SlashData and asked them if they had some insight on how developers like to learn and solve problems…and boy did they deliver…

They sent me data from surveying thousands of developers that is enormously helpful in helping to guide how we structure and developer content developers will love.

So, I put together a video I walk through:

  • An overview of the data from Slashdata that sheds light on what kinds of content developers prefer for learning new technologies and problem solving.
  • An analysis of these trends and what it means for you (especially how it impacts your community platforms.)
  • Based on this data, I recommend 3 practical things you can do today to optimize how you create content for developers.

Where you work in AI/ML, cloud, mobile development, game development, open source, infrastructure, web3, or any other industry where you need to grab developer attention…this video is a must watch.

Check it out:

This data is powerful, so be sure to share it with others who are building developer enagement.

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