Conversations With Bacon shines a light into the thinking, approach, and work of a diverse range of guests across business, technology, entertainment, and beyond. It is presented by Jono Bacon, who puts the Bacon in Conversations With Bacon.

New shows are released every three weeks.

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Emily Musil Church on the Global Learning XPRIZE

Emily Musil Church comes on to talk about the $15 million Global Learning XPRIZE that resulted in Android applications that teach kids reading, writing, and maths without a teacher. We get into the competition, the logistics of testing thousands of tablets in remote villages in Tanzania, the incredible results and impact of the entries, and more.

Conversations With Bacon: Kate Drane, Techstars

Kate Drane from Techstars (and previously Indiegogo) comes on to talk crowdfunding, supporting startups, expanding access to funding and information, innovation growth, craft beer, and more.

Conversations With Bacon: Todd Lewis, Founder of All Things Open

Todd Lewis, founder of All Things Open comes on to discuss what goes into great events, how to get the right balance of content and taking care of sponsors, building an open marketplace of (often contrasting) ideas, and what Todd has learned over the years as he has refined his craft.

Music in the show is ‘Game Change’ by Nick Miller. All shows are licensed under a Creative Commons¬†Attribution-NonCommercial license.

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