Events are a core element of how businesses engaging with the world. Whether you are attending, speaking at, or organizing an event, you need to have your event game down. The question is: what really goes into a great event, and what is the balance of content, networking, venue, and other ingredients that make events succeed?

Angela Brown should know: she is one of the most talented people in the events business. Leading events at The Linux Foundation, Angela and her team run a broad range of events, all over the world, from small gatherings to conferences spanning tens of thousands. This includes the Open Source Summit, KubeCon, and many.

In this episode of Conversations With Bacon, we unpack Angela’s experience and explore topics including:

  • The core elements of a great event.
  • The ingredients in great content and speakers at events.
  • The role events play in fostering a more diverse and inclusive ecosystem.
  • How Angela has evolved her approach over the years, and the role of feedback.
  • How data drives events, and how attendee interests vary around the world.
  • How to design events for people new to an industry as well as industry veterans.
  • And much more…

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