Coaching is a strange and interesting concept to most people. We often hear about executives hiring coaches, and many of them rave how about how useful they are, but what do coaches really do? Why is it so valuable? What kind of insight to coaches provide, and could it be useful to you?

Liz McCabe knows what she is doing. Previously a consultant at McKinsey, she has been coaching a range of executive clients for some time as part of her business, Stinson Advising. She has a strong foundation, having studied at both Harvard and Stanford. Of course, if she went to Wolverhampton University, it would have been the ultimate honor. 😉

The reason I wanted to get Liz on Conversations With Bacon, was partially to delve behind the scenes of coaching, but more specifically, and I think more importantly, to share her perspectives on effective leadership.

Liz is a remarkably accessible, engaging, and down to earth person. She has tremendous insight about a vast range of areas in leadership and management. She doesn’t wrap her insight in buzzwords and BS, she applies practical, logical insight and the right level of emotional support (and pressure) to get results. Her tenor and approach is really remarkable. There is no other way of putting it: she is fantastic, and I am thrilled she came on so you can get to know her too. This is a really fascinating and insightful discussion for everyone, not just people in executive roles.

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