If you have been around open source and security, you will have likely heard of Mårten Mickos.

Previously CEO of MySQL (which sold to Sun for $1billion), then leading Eucalyptus Systems, and now CEO of HackerOne, Mårten is one of the most accomplished leaders in technology. He been a consistent fixture, not just because of his success, but also his tonality and approach.

I was thrilled to bring Mårten on Conversations With Bacon to explore his career, approach, and how he is enable a more scalable, “hackered powered” approach to security.

In this show we get into a broad range of topics, including:

  • How he got involved in entrepreneurship and built is sea legs.
  • How he wrestled with early challenges and failures in is career.
  • How to strike the right balance of power and influence when joining a new company as CEO.
  • What “hacker powered security” is, how it works, and how it is changing the industry.
  • How HackerOne has approached changing the cultural norms of security.
  • How HackerOne approached the US government to engage in community-driven security and deliver over 12,000 vulnerabilities.
  • The public perception of hackers and what it means today.
  • What motives and drives hackers.

If you are interested in technology, entrepreneurship, or security, there is plenty in here to dig your teeth into.

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