Would you pay $30 a month for an email service, especially when Gmail is entirely free? I do.

A while back I started using a service called Superhuman. It provides a blisteringly fast, keyboard-driven, experience for email power users. Their value prop is simple: the value of your time saved in email is worth far more than the fee you pay for their service.

Part of Superhuman’s current success is based on that they clearly know the market their product is designed for. This is because they developed a Product/Market Fit Engine, which they shared publicly. Their approach works: they have designed a product their users love, and their engine has enabled them to identify the features their most valuable users want.

Rahul Vohra is the CEO of Superhuman and he comes on Conversations With Bacon to dig into all of this. We delve into:

  • Their approach to designing and delivering Superhuman
  • Their product/market fit approach and how it was built
  • The role of game theory and gamification in building products people love
  • Their on-boarding experience (and how it differs from other companies)
  • How they have used email effectively for product education and training
  • We even get into the survivability of startups with COVID-19

This is a really interesting discussion. If you are interested in product, marketing, or business, it is well worth a listen.

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