David Finkel on Work/Life Balance and Staying Focused

by | Wed 20 May 2020

Work/Life Balance. How is yours? Good? Decent? Middling?

Let’s be honest, most of us suck at it. Well, David Finkel doesn’t.

David is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author of 11 books and CEO of Maui Mastermind. His new book,  The Freedom Formula: How to Succeed in Business Without Sacrificing Your Family, Health, or Life is all about striking this Work/Life balance right, and I thought he would be a great guest to come onto the podcast.

Oh, and he was. I love guests like David, who take an insightful approach to their work, but based on a foundation of honest, frank work. My BS radar didn’t go off at all with this one.

In this episode of Conversations With Bacon, we get into a range of areas, including:

  • Why working longer and harder doesn’t pay off (and what actually does)
  • Why the 80-20 principle doesn’t go far enough (and how to take it to its most productive extreme)
  • How to operationalize the work/life balance
  • How to escape the “time and effort” economy
  • How to structure the day and week to reclaim five or more hours each week in usable blocks
  • What strategies to utilize to recover time and attention from distractions

There is a lot in this for all of you. Definitely give it a listen. Enjoy!

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