Millions of people around the world have limited access to reliable, secure financial tools. This creates a vicious circle that keeps many people in poverty when they are faced with limitations in how they store, transfer, and send money. Unfortunately, this also disproportionately impacts women and can dramatically impact the ability for regional innovation and building businesses.

To help resolve this, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have been investing in building a series of projects to make financial inclusion a reality. One such project is Mojaloop, an Open Source platform for enabling secure and dependable financial transactions.

I am thrilled to bring Miller Abel, Deputy Director and Principal Technologist at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on to Conversations With Bacon to talk about their approach to cracking the challenge of building financial inclusion. Miller has been fundamentally involved in the architecture, funding, and development of Mojaloop, and he shares the fascinating story of how they understood and delivered a pragmatic platform to make a difference.

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