Many of us are striving for growth and success, but we don’t know which levers to yank to get the right results.

This is where Catherine Gray from The Trium Group comes in. She is an expert in a range of tools, such as Enneagrams, to evaluate what kind of personality you have, and then how to apply the right skills development to get the results you want.

Catherine offered to do an Enneagram for me, and it was a fascinating experience and very telling. I honestly thought the notion of a personality test was nonsense, and I was wrong.

As such, I was thrilled to bring Catherine on Conversations With Bacon. We dig into a raft of different areas including:

  • What an Enneagram is, how it works, and how to read it.
  • We explore my own Enneagram as an example, and what it told us.
  • The role of other personality tests, how they work, and if they are effective.
  • How to take the results from a test and map out your next set of goals and targets.
  • Common challenges leaders face and how they are resolved.
  • The role of vulnerability and ego in leadership.
  • Guidelines and recommendations from a proven leadership coach.
  • And much more…

This is a really informative, illuminating, and insightful discussion. Be sure to give it a listen.

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Thank you to always rocking Marius Quabeck and NerdZoom Media for mixing the show!

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