Recently I was introduced to Coda – a platform that aims to re-invent the document – bridging live data, views, and more to enable people to collaborate more effectively together.

What really struck me, aside from the technology, is how well designed and delivered Coda is. It presents a powerful set of features that requires careful design to be both discoverable and useful.

You can thank Lane Shackleton and his team for much of this work. As the Head Of Product and Design at Coda, I was eager to learn how the sausage was made, and his general approach to building products people love.

As such, I was thrilled that he was open to joining me on Conversations With Bacon.

We get into a lot of really interesting discussion and topics, which include:

  • How to balance complex features with simple design
  • The role of different visual techniques to interact with information and data
  • How practical examples get people to play with and understand new tools
  • How to balance existing norms of documents with new ways of collaborating
  • How to effectively integrate with other services
  • How platforms approach collaboration around both templates as well as documents
  • …and much more…

If you are interested in elegant product design and development, whether you use Coda or not, I think you will find a lot of value in this episode. Give it a listen!

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As usual, thank you to the fantastic Marius Quabeck and NerdZoom Media for mixing the show!

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