Jillian Hufnagel is a successful business coach working with companies on topics like emotional agility and harmony in the workplace. Once a teacher and executive assistant, she subsequently became a leader in companies driving healthy emotional cultures. One such company is Slim.ai, who I have been working with as a client.

Jillian and I are cut from the same cloth. We are both passionate about the true impact of well designed, effectively led culture, and as such, she was a perfect fit to come on Conversations With Bacon.

We get into a lot of really interesting discussion and topics, which include:

  • How company culture is related to workplace success
  • The fundamental elements of a great culture
  • Why and how leaders determine and define culture
  • What makes leaders and teams stay focused on their core missions
  • What friction removal really means for day-to-day businesses tasks
  • How to operationalize missions, especially the positive ones that can easily be misconstrued
  • How to stay grounded in the “important but not urgent” tasks in business and interpersonally
  • How to grow as a company while keeping the healthy human spirit in the company
  • How to de-escalate situations in the workplace that are possibly based on personal beliefs

Be sure to give this podcast a listen – it is fascinating!

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As usual, thank you to the fantastic Marius Quabeck and NerdZoom Media for mixing the show!

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