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“If you want to tap into the power that communities can bring to businesses and teams, there is no greater expert than Jono Bacon.”

Nat Friedman

CEO, GitHub

“Communities are the future of business, technology, and collaboration. Jono Bacon’s experience, approach, and candor is critical reading for harnessing this future.”

Jim Zemlin

Executive Director, Linux Foundation

“At Stack Overflow and Discourse, we didn’t just build products for the community, we built products alongside the community. Sharing power with your community and working together towards a common goal is exactly what ‘People Powered’ is about.”

Jeff Atwood

Co-Founder, Discourse and StackOverflow

“Every business needs to read ‘People Powered, not just to build communities, but also to build happier, more efficient teams.”

Uttam Tripathi

Head Of Global Programs, DevRel Ecosystem, Google

“‘People Powered’ demystifies the art and science of how to build communities that work. It is essential reading for any organization.”

Dries Buytaert

Founder, Drupal and Acquia

“‘People Powered’ sets the record straight about what business or product-related communities are, and the impact you can expect when they are managed well. A must read for marketers with all levels of experience.”

Billy Cina

Co-Founder and CEO, Marketing Envy

“Harnessing the collaborative power of communities is critical not just to the success of our businesses, but also for our democracy. ‘People Powered’ provides the clear blueprint for producing that success.”

Ali Velshi

Anchor, MSNBC

“If you don’t like herding cats but need to build a community, you need to read ‘People Powered’.”

Jamie Hyneman

Co-Creator/Host, Mythbusters

“‘People Powered’ equips businesses with a powerful community building formula. It is clear, consistent and thus a genuinely effective tool for integrating community into the day to day operations of a business. Highly recommended.”

Paul Salnikow

CEO, The Executive Centre

“Jono Bacon provides the leading experience, nuance, and candor for building powerful, engaging, and inclusive communities. Highly recommended reading.”

Nithya Ruff

Senior Director, Open Source Office, Comcast

“Community is fundamental to DigitalOcean’s success, and helped us build a much deeper connection with our audience and customers. ‘People Powered’ presents the simple, pragmatic recipe for doing this well.”

Ben Uretsky

Co-founder, DigitalOcean

“Communities are a powerful component in digital transformation, and ‘People Powered’ provides the formula.”

Juan Olaizola

Chief Operating Officer, Santander España

“Jono is an expert at integrating the potential of communities with businesses. People Powered provides a clear and thoughtful blueprint for others looking to tap into this potential and unlock benefits for their own organizations.”

Jim Whitehurst

CEO, Red Hat

“In my profession, building networks is all about nurturing relationships for the long term. Jono Bacon has authored the recipe how to do this, and you should follow it.”

Gia Scinto

Head Of Talent, YCombinator

“If you want to unlock the power of collaboration in communities, companies, and teams, Jono should be your tour guide and ‘People Powered’ should be your map.”

Jamie Smith

Former Deputy Press Secretary, President Barack Obama

“Whether you are a startup or a corporation, if you are not building a community, you are missing an enormous opportunity. ‘People Powered’ needs to be on every executive’s bookshelf.”

Maxx Bricklin

Co-Founder, BOLD Capital Partners

“Jono Bacon is the industry leader in community strategy. ‘People Powered’ is the industry-leading approach. Read it.”

Jose Morales

Head of Field Operations, Atlassian

“The power of community is proven to us everyday in our work with Open Source, Blockchain and our own Core Community, where Jono has participated. Everywhere he engages, and everyone he connects benefits and proves why he’s recognized as the leader in community development.”

Michael Skok

Founding Partner, Underscore.VC

“Technology tears down the barriers of collaboration and connects our communities – globally and locally. We need to give all organizations and developers the tools to build and foster this effort. Jono Bacon’s book provides timely insight into what makes us tick as humans, and how to build richer, stronger technology communities together.”

Kevin Scott

CTO, Microsoft

“When people who are not under your command or payment eagerly work together towards a greater purpose, you can move mountains. Jono Bacon is one of the most accomplished experts on this, and in this book he tells you how to it’s done.”
Mårten Mickos

CEO, HackerOne

“Communities require enormous amounts of nuance to get right, and ‘People Powered’ distills this nuance down logically and clearly. Jono looks at those network of human brains through many insightful angles from animal behaviors to the very human need of belonging and connecting to something bigger than yourself.”

Giorgio Regni

CTO, Scality

“‘People Powered’ is a phenomenal guide to creating impact by uniting people around a shared vision, filled with incredibly useful insights and tools for building a powerful community.”

Paul Bunje

Co-Founder, Conservation X Labs

“If you want to harness the power of your customers, ‘People Powered’ should be the first book you open. Highly recommended.”

Whitney Bouck

Chief Operating Officer, HelloSign

“What makes ‘us’ unique as a species is that we seem to have an infinite ability to collaborate, from hundreds to millions of people. Collaboration I believe is the key to our ability as a species to solving planetary scale challenges, and ‘People Powered’ provides a roadmap for us to further unlock our potential as individuals to scale collaboration and increase our own personal impact.”

Ryan Bethencourt

CEO, Wild Earth, Partner, Babel Ventures