‘People Powered’ provides a comprehensive overview and strategic framework for building powerful, productive communities. Give your team the community advantage by not just providing them with the book as an investment in their skills, but also providing directed, hands-on access and learning with myself, the author.

All of this is available in a cost-effective, finely-tuned package designed for your organization.

Directed Learning Services Are Included

At this time, the services outlined on this page are included when you purchase bulk copies of ‘People Powered’. You only pay for the books (which are discounted in bulk.)

Customers Include:


The idea is simple: when you buy copies of ‘People Powered’ for your team, I will be available 1-on-1 to help them understand the book, answer their questions, appply the principles and approaches to their work, and incorporate the skills in the book into your organization.

These 1-on-1 sessions are tuned to your organization. 

Here’s how it works.

Select Your Engagement

Every organization is different, so first decide what kind of dedicated 1-on-1 engagement would be most valuable for your team.

The more copies you purchase, the more time I am available, so we can blend multiple methods of engagement to together.

Options include the following, but we explore other types of engagement too:

Keynote Speech

I will come and deliver a presentation to your team focused on the core elements of building strong communities and tuned to your organization, complete with Q&A.

Fireside Chat

I will be available in-person (if possible) or online for an interactive fireside chat where your team can ask direct questions about building great communities.

Ask An Expert Webinars

I will be available for a series of webinars in which your team can regularly ask questions that relate to their work, learning, and beyond.

Group Reading and Q&A

Your team will read ‘People Powered’ together, reading groups of chapters (e.g. chapters 1 – 3) at a time. At the end of each group of chapters, I will join your team for a session where they will be able to ask questions to seal in their understanding of the material and skills and apply it to their work. 

Select The Number Of Copies

Now, decide how many copies of the book you would like to order for your team. All copies are discounted, with larger savings with the more copies you order:

List $28.99 0%
1 – 24 $23.19 20%
25 – 99 $17.97 38%
100 – 249 $17.39 40%
250 – 499 $16.81 42%
500+ $16.52 43%

All copies include the following:

Full Hardcover Copy Of The Book

Signed By The Author (On-Site)

Engagement Tuned To Your Organization

Access To Online Resources

Interested to explore this for your organization?


People Powered is required reading for our entire Innovation team and is guiding our efforts to build a stronger innovation community inside PayPal. When Jono gave a fireside chat to the company which greatly benefitted all in attendance. His focus on community building was something we could all learn from in how to build a stronger organization.

Michael Todasco

Senior Director of Innovation, PayPal

Here are a small selection of reviews from Amazon:

If you are trying to understand, build and grow communities this is a must read book

Author Jono Bacon has produced another fantastic book, this one focused on understanding, building and growing communities. People Powered is relevant to anyone trying to build communities for any industry or sector. If you are part of a non-profit, consumer, or government you can learn from what Jono details in the book around all the different models of communities (Consumers, Champions, and Collaborators). He has put together a clear road map of what you need to do to get started, why you are doing each of those activities, how to measure your performance and stay focused. There is also good advice about what to expect and how to set expectations for management too. After all, executives want to see results. They invested money in building a community and you need to be able to articulate and communicate what value and benefits they are getting and how the community impacts the bottom line. Take the time and read what Jono has spent years refining and learn from his hard won lessons as a practitioner in the field at some of the most successful community orientated companies in the technology industry.

A valuable resource for community leaders

A strong community can lead to a strong business

Jono Bacon’s practical guide to building and nurturing communities is brilliant. As a venture capitalist who has invested in many community-based business models (e.g., MongoDB, Codecademy, Splice), I have seen the power of community in delivering business success as well as personal rewards and fulfillment for community members. Bacon nails the underlying behavioral drivers behind community as well as the business drivers. Most impressive, though, is his pratical step-by-step guide to creating a more effective community-based strategy. I highly recommend this book to entrepreneurs, managers and investors alike who want to (as Bacon puts it) “supercharge” their business with the power of community.

Excellence in community building