What if you discovered a blueprint that could grow your organization’s reputation and loyalty, dramatically reduce customer service issues, produce content and technology, and cement a powerful, lasting relationship between you and your customers?

The concept of communities are a popular topic, but few companies have consistently harnessed their power, driven tangible value, and effectively measured their return on investment (ROI). While large organizations such as Salesforce have seen tremendous results with their community of over 2 million members, so have startups such as Star Citizen, who used Kickstarter to raise over $150 million to build their new video game and a community of over 2 million players.

Not only this, but companies such as PayPal, Facebook, Bosch, Microsoft, CapitalOne, and Google have built communities inside their organizations, often as part of digital transformation initiatives to foster innovation, break down silos, and help them to operate more efficiently and collaboratively.

‘People Powered’ helps you navigate the community opportunity in three key ways:

The Value Proposition


  • Learn which communities work, which don’t, and the key patterns that drive success.
  • Understand the three community models that underpin all successful communities.
  • Build a clear community value proposition and mission statement.
  • Craft a set of audience personas, driven by the hidden psychological forces that influence our behavior.

The Strategic Method


  • Build a clear set of community strategic goals.
  • Simplify the on-ramps and engagement of your community.
  • Deliver incentives and rewards to keep your community members engaged and interested
  • Learn how to build growth, organize events, and avoid the pitfalls many communities stumble into.

The Business Integration


  • Use a clear set of maturity models to track your strategy, integration into your business, and more.
  • Learn how to hire high-quality community staff and who they should report.
  • Learn how to evolve and refine your strategy based on experience with predictable, well-managed milestones.
  • Avoid the critical organizational pitfalls many companies face in this work (and swerve around them!)


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New York Times best-seller and co-author of Abundance and BOLD.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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Jim Whitehurst

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