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Jono Bacon is a community strategy consultant, author, advisor, and speaker.


Video: 10 Avoidable Career Mistakes (and How to Conquer Them)

I don't claim to be a career expert, but I have noticed some important career mistakes many people make (some I've made myself!). These mistakes span how we approach our career growth, balance our careers with the rest of our lives, and the make the choices we do on a...

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Linus, His Apology, And Why We Should Support Him

Today, Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux, which powers everything from smartwatches to electrical grids posted a pretty remarkable note on the kernel mailing list. As a little bit of backstory, Linus has sometimes come under fire for the ways in which he has...

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Design The Bacon Family Crest

Designers! We need your help! We want to produce a fun family crest for the Bacon family, something that really reflects us and who we are. This will go on a flag poll at our house and on napkins/coasters for parties. Hello, Designers! The Bacon family needs a Family...

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Internal and External Community Strategy and Management

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