Leading strategy and execution for building engaged, productive communities.

Community Management

Building communities is hard. While many organizations know the importance of growing an engaged, productive, and passionate community, it can be difficult to know where to start. This work focuses on the connective tissue between people and technology and it can be difficult to know how to create a strategy and execute well.

Fortunately I can help. I have spent my entire career working on building communities for a range of organizations. I can help you create your strategy, break it down into executable pieces, and deliver results. I can help you with the many facets of this work such as workflow, infrastructure, governance, hiring, outreach/marketing, social media, metrics, and more.

Every organization is different and I am a firm believer in tailoring this work to your needs. So, don’t hesitate in getting in touch and we can explore how we could work together.

How I can help

While every organization is different and we can tune this work to your needs, here are some common areas in which I have helped my clients building their communities:


Strategy and Execution

Gather company goals and bake them into a clear strategy complete with regular execution plans. This will provide clear community strategy, crisp execution across teams, and accountability for delivery and influencing future decisions.


Outreach and Engagement

Use a variety of media such as writing, social, video, events and more to attract new community members, get them engaged, help them be successful, and deliver great results. This is all within the goal of building meaningful relationships and retention.

Infrastructure and Communication

Build a clear, productive, and cost-effective infrastructure for community participation and collaboration. This will span development, communication, knowledge, issue tracking, and more, to ensure your community can work as efficiently as possible.


We will build an overall strategy and execution that focuses on significant and sustained participation and strong retention. The most effective communities have committed members, and we will strive to build this for your community too.

Effective Workflow

Identify different community roles and build effective workflow to make participation productive and simple. This will span the entire lifecycle of community roles and help identify process, product, and infrastructure.


For organizations who want to hire a community manager or team, I will help to define the role, assess salary/compensation, and use my network to identify potential candidates, screen, train, and on-board them. This will help build strong community muscle in your organization.


For organizations that want a governance function, we will explore different governance models and then codify, staff, and build effective governance bodies for the project. This will also cover processes, meetings, transparency, company/community balance, and more.



These are just a few example areas we can focus on. Every organization is different and we will delve into your specific needs to ensure we put together the very best community strategy and delivery that delivers great results.

Build The Best

A small selection of clients I have provided community management services to:


I take great pride in my work. I want all of my clients to feel our work together is both an investment in their organization and the foundation of a fruitful relationship. I want my clients to be happy, satisfied, and feel that I am not just helping their organizations, but also building the internal community muscle and effectiveness of their organizations. As such, I take the quality of my work very seriously. There are no half-measures here, no platitudes to get you to sign on the dotted line. If I don't think I can help you, I won't take your business. As part of this, I have a Quality Charter (shown to the right) that outlines this commitment to great service.

My Commitment

  • I will always act in the best interests of your organization and your goals.
  • I will always provide you with thoughtful, focused, and competent service.
  • I will always provide frank, honest, and respectful feedback, even if sometimes difficult to hear.
  • I will always seek feedback, both good and bad, so I can be the best I can be.

Let’s Talk

If you would like to talk more about community management or anything else I can help with, simply fill in the form over there and I will be in touch. Alternatively, call me on +1 415-658-1738 or email me at jono@jonobacon.org

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