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Tues 16th Feb 2021

Build the very best developer workflow and relations into your organization and community.

Developer Workflow and Relations

At the heart of building an effective developer community, either inside or outside an organization are two things – great workflow and great developer relations. Doing this right makes a huge difference in engagement, participation, output, and overall developer satisfaction.

I have spent my entire career working with organizations and communities to build productive yet simple workflow and thoughtful and engaging developer relations. This is complex work: it involves identifying different developer roles, pulling together infrastructure, weaving in slim but effective process, methodologies, and engagement, and putting a full developer relations strategy behind it all.

Areas of Focus

Here are some examples areas in which we can focus to get your developer workflow and relations as efficient and effective as possible.

Developer Workflow


Code Hosting


Code Submission and Review


Bug/Issue Tracking and Management


Continuous Integration


Community Channels and Conduct


Documentation, Knowledge, and Support


Translations and Localization



Developer Relations and Outreach


Outreach and Developer Growth


Mentoring Programs


Tracking Growth and Success


Social Media, Video, Blogging, and Podcasting


Reputation, Gamification, and Incentive Structures


Standards, Conventions, and Processes


Events, Hackathons, and More



Clients Include

“Jono’s insight and mastery of the community blueprint provides all the tools needed to lay the proper foundation. However his real craft is using the tools across a number of challenges and scenarios that allows him to efficiently deliver the right strategies and guide the path to community success.”

Chris Olson

Director of Communities and Advocacy, Microsoft Corporation

“If you are looking to build an authentic, passionate community, Jono Bacon is your guy. He has the experience, both strategic and in execution, to build communities that don’t just make sense on paper, but in real life too.”

Guru Parulkar

Executive Director, Stanford Platform Lab

“Jono has been instrumental in helping us formulate our strategy and playbook for developing our community from its inception. His deep experience as a community developer and leader has been invaluable in advising us around focus and priorities at our current stage, and in understanding what are the highest leverage activities for building a movement around community and collaboration in open data. Jono also has a deft touch for working with internal stakeholders to build consensus, and for managing sensitivities that may exist around bringing in external experts to advise management. It has also been a real pleasure working with Jono, who is a very authentic and enjoyable person!”

Matt Laessig

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, data.world

“The practical and values-based approach that Jono brought to his book, The Art of Community, and his consulting are incredibly rare and valuable. I appreciated his humility, his willingness to change course to meet our needs, and his deep commitment to open practices and approaches to build stronger communities.”

Ryan Merkley

Chief Executive Officer, Creative Commons

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