Sharing knowledge, guidance, and growth to organizations or conferences.

The first step in building powerful organizations and communities is to explore and opportunity and build a framework that inspires your team to achieve great results. I can provide thoughtful, content-rich, engaging, and inspiring presentations that will not just motivate your team, but provide content that relates directly to your goals. No puff presentations here…real content and results.

I have extensive speaking experience having keynoted over 30 conferences all over the world and spoken at countless companies.

Previous Keynotes Include

Corporate Speaking Includes

Potential Topics

I tune every presentation to your specific needs, but here are some topics I commonly speak on:


Community Leadership/Management

Strategic and tactical approaches to building strong and productive communities.


Open Source

The opportunities/risks, licensing, compliance, participation, and other areas that relate to open source consumption and creation.


Internal Inner-Source Communities

How to build strong and productive internal teams and communities using open source and other principles.



What innovation is, the human elements that drive it, and practical ways to encourage and foster innovation in organizations and communities.


Crowdfunding / Crowd Sourcing

What crowdfunding and crowdsourcing is, how to organize success campaigns/initiatives, grow participation, and deliver results.


Behavioral Economics

The behavioral irrationalities of humans, how they are predictable, and how you can harness them in your organization and communities.



Effective ways of building great leadership and great leaders in a way that matches culture, challenges norms, and delivers great results.


Building Strong Teams

The essence of what great teams are, how to form them, tools, infrastructure, and process, and how to measure and iterate on results.


Incentive Competitions

How to organize and run incentive competitions either internally or publicly, encourage comprehensive participation, and deliver predictable results.


Conflict Resolution

How to resolve conflict between individuals, groups, and in organizations, and methods, approaches, and processes for reducing and resolving complex scenarios.


Burnout / Health

How to measure and track burnout, resolve it in individuals and groups, and prevent it occuring in the future.


Other Topics

There are also a wealth of other topics I can speak on. Be sure to get in touch to discuss more.

Example Presentations

Keynote at LinuxCon, Germany

Keynote at Joomla World Conference, India

Keynote at .SE Internet Days, Sweden

Keynote at linux.conf.au, Australia

Lightning Talk at All Things Open, USA

Keynote Panel at Interop, USA

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