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Leader in Community Management/Strategy

Previously Director of Community at **Canonical, GitHub, XPRIZE**, and **OpenAdvantage**. Advisor to organizations including **AlienVault, Open Networking Foundation, Open Cloud Consortium, Mycroft**, and others. Wrote the critically acclaimed **The Art of Community**, founder of the **Community Leadership Summit** and global CLSx events, and prominent leader in community leadership, strategy, and execution featured on **CNN, .NET, Forbes, Linux Format**, and elsewhere.


Founder of **Jono Bacon Consulting** that provides community strategy, management, and workflow consultancy for Fortune 500 companies, startups, and government across the globe. Clients include **Deutsche Bank, Intel, Sony Mobile, AlienVault, Mozilla, Open Networking Foundation, ON.LAB, GENIVI**, and others.


Author of five books including **The Art of Community, Official Ubuntu Book, Linux Desktop Hacks**. Columnist for **Forbes,**, and previously at **The O’Reilly Network, Linux Format, PC Plus, Linux User and Developer** and others. Active writer with a popular blog and having written for over 12 publications including **Ubuntu User, Mac Format, Linux Pro, Linux Format**, and others.


Keynote speaker and panelist speaking on topics that relate to community strategy, management, and execution, internal communities, developer workflow and relations, behavioral economics, and other topics. Keynotes include **OSCON, LinuxCon, MySQL Conference, Interop, Open Networking Summit, .SE Internet Days,, SCALE, Ohio Linux Fest**, and others.

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