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I offer a range of services that relate to building productive communities and effective workflow. You can find out more below.

I don’t treat my clients like a production line. Every organization is different and has different goals and culture. So, while these services provide an overview of how I can help, we will discuss how I can tune my experience and skills to your specific needs. Feel free to get in touch and we can talk more.

Community Leadership

I can help you build a passionate, engaged, and productive community. We will build a strategy with a core set of goals, integrate workflow and infrastructure, build outreach and messaging, hire well, and create an environment of passionate members and strong retention.

InnerSource and Internal Community Management

I can help you build productive internal communities. We will create a comprehensive strategy, clear and accessible workflow, passionate and enabled teams, clear project management, and build an environment that brings out the best in your teams and employees and reduces silos.

Developer Workflow and Relations

I can help you to build streamlined developer workflow and relations for open source and non-open source teams. We will build accessible teams, effective code hosting, review, and bug management, predictable quality and continuous integration workflow, growth campaigns and initiatives, and more.

Training and Speaking

I can provide training about a range of topics that relate to building strong communities, teams, and workflow, as well as speak at your conference, corporate event, or other functions.

Other Services

Open Source, Licensing, and Compliance · Hiring Community Staff · Gamification Platforms · Governance Strategy & Implementation · Crowdfunding Strategy and Execution · Conflict Resolution · Crowdsourcing · Building Innovative Teams · More…


I take great pride in my work. I want all of my clients to feel our work together is both an investment in their organization and the foundation of a fruitful relationship. I want my clients to be happy, satisfied, and feel that I am not just helping their organizations, but also building the internal community muscle and effectiveness of their organizations. As such, I take the quality of my work very seriously. There are no half-measures here, no platitudes to get you to sign on the dotted line. If I don't think I can help you, I won't take your business. As part of this, I have a Quality Charter (shown to the right) that outlines this commitment to great service.

My Commitment

  • I will always act in the best interests of your organization and your goals.
  • I will always provide you with thoughtful, focused, and competent service.
  • I will always provide frank, honest, and respectful feedback, even if sometimes difficult to hear.
  • I will always seek feedback, both good and bad, so I can be the best I can be.

Let’s Talk

If you would like to talk more about how we could work together, simply fill in the form over there and I will be in touch. Alternatively, call me on +1 415-658-1738 or email me at jono@jonobacon.org

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